Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma Therapy in Valencia

Many individuals impacted by sexual trauma are strong resilient people who are often the backbone of the family.  The kind of people that know how bad it feels to not to be loved the right way, so they love everyone else the best they can, always thinking of everyone else’s needs, always taking care of everyone else, often at the expense of themselves.

Sexual trauma comes in all forms.

Maybe you went through ongoing abuse as a child.

Maybe you were raped on a date or by a stranger.

Maybe you’ve carried around a scary incident for years, never really realizing that the impact went deep and you too are a survivor.

No matter what you’ve been through, you aren’t alone, and your experience matters.  You deserve healing and now it’s your turn to get the care attention you truly deserve in order to heal and finally find peace with your past.  

I help people who look like they’ve got it all together on the outside, but who’ve been carrying around these unwelcome memories for years.

I use EMDR to treat sexual trauma and the impact it has for years on survivors.

According to a huge base of research, EMDR is one of the most effective and fastest therapies for healing any sort of trauma, and I’m one of only a handful of people in the area fully certified to provide it.

EMDR takes away the overwhelming, triggering power of unwanted memories, and helps you feel in control of your life and your experience again.

You deserve a life free of intrusive thoughts and memories popping up at the worst moments.  You also deserve to have your experience spoken, believed, and understood.

No matter what sort of sexual trauma you’ve been through, I can help you overcome its impact.

I look forward to supporting you through telling your story, and to the more empowered, happy future ahead of you.