Kristina de Bree, MA, LMFT #98046

Kristina de Bree is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California and an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trained therapist with a private practice in Valencia, California. She focuses on helping individuals build, mend and develop healthy relationships and authentic connections with others and with themselves. Kristina believes that the core of every working relationship should be built on trust, authenticity and quality. She brings a deep value and care for the patient experience, believing that change is made through relationships that are trusting, caring and safe.

Kristina is trained in utilizing EMDR to help individuals work through symptoms that stem from unprocessed memories from difficult childhoods, traumatic life events, grief, loss, and medical illnesses. Through this work, Kristina has helped individuals overcome a wide range of challenges including those associated with physical, sexual and emotional violence, childhood difficulties, needle phobias and medical procedures. In addition to utilizing EMDR with adults, Kristina has advanced education, training and experience allowing her to perform EMDR with children age 5-14.

In addition to her EMDR work, Kristina is experienced in using psychotherapy to help individuals maintain and develop healthy interpersonal and professional relationships, set and achieve goals and foster personal growth. Through her training and education as an MFT Kristina is experienced in and passionate about relationships and connection, from helping her clients improve their efficiency in the workplace to fostering more meaningful connections with friends and family.

Kristina is known for her commitment to patient advocacy and is an active community philanthropist through consulting, speaking, fundraising and event planning. Kristina has more than 18 years of speaking experience and regularly speaks to and consults with medical professionals, organizations, patients, schools, parents and business professionals.

Kristina completed her graduate studies at Pepperdine University and her undergraduate work at California State University – Northridge. Committed to lifelong learning, she has gone on to study EMDR, trauma, complex trauma, phobias, performance enhancement, attachment disorders, motivation, self-harm, suicide prevention, grief, chronic and terminal medical illness, child and adolescent interventions, and effective parenting techniques.

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